Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Smell Of Fresh Cut Hay Is In The Air !

We got the "phone call" yesterday morning from Art Ward....he was on his way past and would stop in to cut our hay field.  Finally some consistent weather for these poor farmers to get caught up with something !

"It was getting pretty high....."

"Here is Art arriving to our rescue."

"A job well we hope for no rain until it is baled then let it come!"

The past two years Art has been cutting and baling our hay fields, him and I have always had a conversation on how nice he thinks our vegetable garden is looking. 

"Art and I didn't have that same conversation this year."

It certainly is a pretty pathetic looking garden considering it is already the middle of July.  We had bought the tomato and pepper plants to plant; they have all been stunted because there had been too much rain.  The one pepper plant is lucky if it is 3 inches tall with a little tiny pepper out on it.  Oh dear....I don't think the tomatoes are going to be much better.  It will be back to Keady Market for us I am afraid.

I wish everything was faring as well as my one Clematis Vine.

"What a Royal Show it is putting forth this summer."

Every Friday night there is a car/motorcycle gathering at the Stoke's Bay General Store, of course in Stoke's Bay, so we took a run up there last night.

"Here is Bob, the owner, flipping dogs and burgers on the grill."

"A few classic cars, trucks and bikes were in attendance."

"Then of course, here is Laurie, the local "cookie monster", lol."

It is a nice drive on a Friday night to head up to Stoke's Bay.  There is a prize for the vehicle which receives the most votes, and is open to anybody and everybody.  They let the "Crabby Cabbie" and I attend with our 1984 Honda Goldwing....LOL.

For anyone that doesn't know where the Stoke's Bay General Store is located, check out the following link:

I am not sure what is on my agenda yet for the day ahead, but I think I will be checking out what the weatherman has to say about that first.


Sunny. Becoming a mix of sun and cloud this morning. High 29 except 25 near Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. UV index 10 or very high.


Clear. Low 19.

That looks like it is going to be another warm one out there.  I think should I be doing anything, I had better get too it soon while it is still cool enough to do so.

Before I do anything, I need that one more cup of Java, so I think I will take myself out into the kitchen to get myself one, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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