Friday, 29 July 2011

Skies Finally Open & Prayers Have Been Answered

The weatherman at the Wiarton Airport was sooooo wrong again yesterday.  I should have done the laundry anyway, rather then listen to him, but then again it was so humid it probably would not have dried anyway.

So humid, even Lexus  and Bandit went poolside after supper

......but finally just before 4:44 a.m. this morning the skies opened up and the downpour began.

The rain has still not subsided with the countryside seemingly soaking it up as fast as it falls.

Out on our motorcycle last night, we did notice prayers had been made and now they have been answered......

....and husbands were being patient, as pictures were being had.  Thanks Honey Rob.

Phew, I sure hope the rain takes the humidity with it, instead of making it worse.  Regardless, I am happy for it as much as we had way too much rain in June, we certainly needed some now; I am hoping other parts of the World are getting some where there is a need for it as well.

My poor Rob erected a chicken run out in that humidity yesterday.  You would have sworn he had been in the shower he was so soaking with sweat. 

Another awesome job done by Rob.......

The chickens are forever in debt, with  their repayment beginning this upcoming Winter, if you get the

Helloooooooo in there.............. you make sure that is exactly where you all stay.

Bandit is quite content with his new job out and about his property.

Now Lexus has just a totally different take on watching out for our chickens......

.....more like something new to chase then to have to babysit.

We will really be keeping an eye on Lexus until she learns to grow up....but then I am sure in the meantime this guy will being keeping his eye on her too.

LOL, that was pretty much all our excitement for the day, other then a drive into Owen Sound to TSC to buy the T-posts for the fencing.  I have not been out there yet this morning, so I am really really really hoping it will keep and has kept out any fox.

Last night was a pretty easy peasy supper to make with steak and baked potatoes done on the Barbecue, and a salad made up from lettuce from our own garden.

There is just a whole different flavor from vegetables out of your own garden.  I suppose maybe it is because we do not have any preservatives to wash off prior to preparing and eating.

Yummy, supper was really good.....then we went out on the motorcycle for a cool off period before it was dark.  Anything to try and beat the heat, and the bike certainly works for us on such occasions.

Now that we know it has rained for certain, let me see what the weatherman at the Wiarton Airport has to say about the rest of the day.


Showers ending late this morning then clearing. Risk of a thunderstorm this morning. Wind becoming west 20 km/h late this afternoon. High 26. UV index 6 or high.



Clear. Wind west 20 km/h becoming light late this evening. Low 17.

Look at that will you, showers ending this morning....wonder also if that will be another thunderstorm or a different one from the one we just had......guess I will have to wait to find that out.

I did peak ahead at the weather for the rest of the weekend, and it looks like the weather is suppose to be awesome for the upcoming Civic Holiday Weekend, if the weatherman is true to his forecast.  The Rotary Club has its Annual Fair in Wiarton this weekend, and most every other year I believe the first night has been wiped out with rain. 

Wow the Wiarton Rotary Village Fair is actually celebrating 70 years this year.  All here in the Owen Sound Sun Times news article:

The Fair does begin tonight at the Bluewater Park in Wiarton.  Lots of rides and activities for the young and young at heart.  Great food at provided by the Rotary Club, so be sure to stop by for a burger or hot dog.

Here I am running behind time once again, but then again it just seems it has been that kind of week.  I had better pull the plug from under myself and get a move on into my day ahead, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. LOl !I think Ikes smile is even bigger with his new 'Mrs's' beside him......Enjoy'd once again .Love you
    PS:hope we'll be able to get to share some of that chicken dinner.........

  2. Where did IKE find the new Mrs.? Hope she good to him.


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