Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hopefully The Cobswebs Will Clear Themselves Soon.

Here`s looking at you.....nothing like starting out one`s day with a ``big`` smile now is there......LOL.

The Frog in our pond is alive and well when I took this picture yesterday of him sunning himself.  I am so happy he wasn`t taken out by Rob dosing the pond with a bottle of Javex.  Unfortunately, I am not as pleased to report my Water Lily of a few years fared the same kind of luck as the Frog !

That`s okay I can replace the Water Lily, but i really could use the Frog to keep the bug population down out there, however with the armies of Mosquitoes this year I am thinking I could use an army of Frogs and Dragonflies.

Which brings to mind, my girlfriend, Vicki, had mentioned to me that she had heard Dragonflies only live 24 hours.  Of course I then took it upon myself to do some investigating to find out otherwise.  I must admit, before I go on any further, that I had heard the same thing at one time as well.

I did a little research to find out an adult dragonfly lives to be about two months old.  I was able to read all about the dragonfly lifespan at the official dragonfly website located at the following link:


I found this article to be short, however extremely informative.  Well worth the read, since Dragonflies are so beneficial to us with the amount of mosquitoes they can consume.

Wow after all the excitement I had over the weekend, it is a tough act to follow with my usual humdrum daily life....especially when I am so tired and unable to shake the cobwebs from my head!  Onward I go, where I am not quite too sure....lol.

Not too much was happening around the place yesterday.  Rob and I had to get caught up on getting the trimming and lawn cut before the rain arrives, again, today and or tomorrow.  This took us a good part of the day.  Bandit and Lexus had  few runs throughout the day with fetching a toy.  Leftovers were heated up for supper (how easy was that).  I can`t remember falling asleep, so I am thinking it was shortly after 9:00 p.m. that happened.  Boring old routine life that I lead........lol.

Oh here is a neat picture I took Sunday morning (that of course, Russ, apparently the more creative one, so graciously had pointed out to me):

``How cool is it to see this Hummingbird coming in for a feed.``

The play of shadows on the wall from the Stained Glass Hummingbird hanging in the window close to a potted geranium.  Very cool.....

What will I do with the day ahead once, if ever, I manage to clear these cobwebs from the inside of my head....I best be checking the weather before I make any big decisions here.


A mix of sun and cloud with 40 percent chance of showers this morning then sunny. Wind becoming west 20 km/h late this morning. High 25. UV index 10 or very high.


A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness overnight then 40 percent chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm before morning. Wind southwest 20 km/h becoming light late this evening. Low 15.

Ummm, 40 percent....I just looked at the radar as well, I am thinking they are more then likely right today, and there will be some rain.

Ha,ha,ha....I just had a very Evil thought...I was thinking about how creative and fussy my niece`s friend, Russ, is with the taking of pictures.  Well, while visiting with his consumption of 4 burgers and two very large helpings of potato salad one night, then an extremely large helping of French Toast the next morning....he was not so creative when allowing me to have liberty of taking a very revealing picture the next day after all of this food had been consumed.  I think I will keep this picture under wrap to keep him on his toes the next time they come visit......lol, how creative is that !!!!

Okay I am really tired when I am sitting here thinking such evil thoughts.....LOL.  Sorry Russ, but watch your back !

I suppose since there is rain in the air, it will be a ``get inside stuff done`` kind of day here.  Since I have not even cleared one cobweb from my brain yet, I am thinking I will head into the kitchen for another much needed cup of Java, ``Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.``


  1. Just checking if comments are working or not?

  2. ...and the are. If you are having a problem leaving a comment, email me at justnorthofwiarton.live.com & I will direct you from there. Thanks.


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