Monday, 20 June 2011

Some More Highlights Of A Beautiful Weekend Of Weather !

 That was some beautiful wise, friends, family,, I could handle a lot more of that in my life!  Well, with the odd break inbetween here and there to rest up, as I definitely overdid it; however``let me tell the World`` it was well worth the overdoing !

Yesterday morning Vicki and I were able to sneak in another little visit to ourselves before Doug said the word to get at it and pack up for them to go home.  They left before the lunch hour, which I understand as by the time they drive home, over 2 hours, unpack their 5th wheel trailer, they still have to think about supper and getting rested up a bit for work the next day.  The time the four of us had together most certainly was a "good" time.

After Doug & Vicki had taken their leave, Rob got the tiller going out in the garden.  We managed to get the rest of our garden planted by putting in two rows of potatoes, two rows of onions (red & Spanish), one row of leeks, yellow bush beans, radishes and sweet peppers.  All done except for the beets, which I have to pick up the seeds sometime today, as well as some onion Dutch sets. 

"All tilled and planted just in time before a week ahead of rain."

No sooner had we finished the garden and a coffee when my niece, Joanne, and her friend, Gayle, arrived for a visit.

"Neither Joanne or I like getting our picture taken much".

"Thinking Joanne's friend, Gayle, didn't realize she was getting her picture taken."

Rob had told Joanne a day or so before she couldn't come for a visit unless she came bearing gifts, and sure enough she came bearing gifts, lol.

"Cookbooks for me & a Piggy Cutout for the 'Crabby Cabbie, Rob."

"Joanne, being the efficient type of girl she is, even thought of Bandit & Lexus."

Recipe and ingredients all ready to be mixed and baked.  Bandit & Lexus will be two lucky dogs once I get these treats made for them.  I will post the recipe on Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook, for anyone who would like it.

Once again, a great visit was had by all before Joanne had to head down Tara way to visit her Dad for Father's Day.  Wow two visits with Joanne within weeks......I am already looking forward to the next one!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon sorting and emailing a few pictures to Vicki, taking Lexus & Bandit out, and letting Rob have a "snooze", before the next highlight arrived on our doorstep......

"Here's 'Boston' !!!"

Is he not one of the proudest littlest guy you have every seen?  I must say, I am certainly proud of how he is turning out.  Boston certainly must have his adopted parents, Erin & Mike, wrapped around his paw by now!

"Being a little 'pooped' out from his weekend at the cottage, he thought he would lounge a bit on good old Dad.  How appropriate for Father's Day that Boston came a visiting, was it not?"

Other then being a little finicky over his toy "Kong", Bandit seemed quite pleased with having one of his kids drop around for a visit on Father's Day.  Many thanks, Brad, Paula & Erin for taking the time out to drop in on your way home!

All the moments I had with family and friends this weekend were and will be treasured for the weeks to come.  I also came upon another type of "treasure" this weekend, which I purchased when Vicki and I went downtown together on Saturday.

"I was really tickled pink with the finding of this treasure."

I am thinking this will fit in just lovely whenever we are able to do a much needed "makeover" to our bedroom.  I can hardly wait for Rob to get the hanging hook in the ceiling for it!

*Sigh*  As I said, "that was some wonderful weekend, both inside & out".

Onto see what the Wiarton Airport Weather Report has in store for us today:


Increasing cloudiness. 40 percent chance of showers this morning. High 22. UV index 7 or high.


Cloudy periods. Low 12

There it be, once again, showers in the forecast.  I best be getting down to the store to get those Dutch sets & beets seeds purchased lickity split, and get them planted.

Now the weekend has past with everyone gone back home, I best be giving myself a "reality check", look around and get at some things needing done around here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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