Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Salute To All The "Wonderful" Fathers On Their Special Day.

Happy Father's Day to all those special fathers, whether they be brothers, brother-in-laws, uncles, sons or male friends.  May you all bask in the love of your family's acknowledgment and love towards you on this day.

I think every day should be a "special" day for each and every one of us, whether it be in the form of a kind word or gesture, even an act of kindness from us towards another.  Alas this is not always the way of the World, so I do try my very best to try to show kindness somewhere throughout my days, every day.

I must say, I had the most fantastic day yesterday !  The weather couldn't have been more beautiful to ride our motorcycles up to the "Tub" (Tobermory for those who are not Bruce County people) for the Chi-Cheemaun's Annual Festival Weekend.

The Car Show had an unbelievable turnout, far more cars then last year, however much less in the motorcycle department.  Lots was happening in and around Bruce County yesterday, so I am sure everyone was spread around here and there.  We even got to watch a bit of the Cardboard Boat Race at the "Tub's" boat launch.

"Okay Rob that is Doug & Vicki's Honda, and ours is behind you, so why the confusion, lol?"

"The Chi-Cheemaun's hatch up and loading of vehicles for it's next launch almost complete."

"Big trucks & little trucks."

"I loved the paint job on this beauty."

"The owner of this truck is from Wiarton.  This was originally his grandfather's truck/business at one time."

"I would think this is what camping in "style" would be what it is all about?"

"I would be quite comfortable with this amount of space.  Would sure beat tenting it."

"I did not only love the colour of paint on this baby, but would love having this baby!"

"What a 'blast' everyone was having at the Cardboard Box boating competition.  Tool man, Tim Allan, would have been proud of how much duck tape was used on this boat, lol."

"Vicki was quite taken by this guy, and eventually I did have to drag her away from him.  Could it have been his stance that was the attraction, I wonder, or the promise of  a Sunset Cruise maybe?  LOL."

"The four of us arrived back home, not only all safe and sound, but feeling a 'good' tired from the great day we all had."

Phew, that was one "full" day we had!  The company and weather couldn't have been better.

Another busy day ahead here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard", with the doors still revolving awaiting the arrival of my niece, Joanne, and her friend, Gail, around the lunch hour, then Cousins Brad, Paula & Erin later in the day.

The Wiarton Airport says.....


Sunny with cloudy periods. High 24. UV index 9 or very high.


Cloudy periods. Low 12.

....amazing weather for this 2011 Father's Day!  Yeah !!!!  Happy Barbecuing Dads !

*Sigh*  As usual, I am in need of that 2nd cup of Java to kick start me into what I am sure will be another fantastic fun-filled day right here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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