Sunday, 5 June 2011

Home, From My Home Away From Home !

Three days without "blogging"....and my fingers haven't ceased up on me!

I hadn't been for a stay at my friend's place, Bob & Tim's, in over seven years.  Thinking it was long overdue, I took it upon myself to pack up an overnight bag and take my leave into the sunrise Wednesday morning.

My "Home Away from Home":

I was treated to shopping out at a Costco Store, where my son, Paul went along.

"Enough with the pictures, Mom"!

On arrival back to the house, we all walked right by this "mess", not noticing until coming back out to retrieve more purchases from the car.

"Must have been quite the wind".

Aunt Lizzie has found herself a new home at my "Home Away from Home", as well as a new friend.

"What are you, friend or foe?"

This little guy was not camera shy at all.

"Finally I am not being stared down by that big black thing with the whiskers".

Part of the purchases were new Blackberry phones for Bob & Tim.  Good thing the "kid" stuck around to help them get the new phones figured out.  I wonder will they be fine?  LOL

"Now Tim, just do this, this, this and that.  No worries, you will be fine".

A leisurely trip back home would not be leisurely without a few imperative stops along the way.

Have enough of my own rhubarb, however I did purchase a couple rummage items.

Onward up the road to another "garage sale".

Wonder why that contraption has no signal lights on it?

First asking permission, this young girl was nice enough to allow me to take her & their pony's picture.

I was told this pony was "old", however he looked quite chipper to me.

Good thing I got the garage sailing in when I did, as there wasn't going to be any more for the next few miles, and then some.

Pelting rain, close to becoming hail, had me pull over a couple of times since I could barely see the road.

Always in need of a  "pit stop" or two on a road trip.

A Tim Horton's Coffee Shop almost in every town along the way.

Home again to a Lake in the back field....

.....and a garden still need of a tilling.  That was some storm we had.

I hope this wetness will be behind us for at least a week so the garden can dry up to be tilled.  I best be checking out at least what today will be ahead:


Sunny. High 21. UV index 8 or very high.


Clear. Low 8.

I am liking the looks of this forecast, and hoping it remains like this for a few days ahead as well.

There were lots of nice things which occurred inbetween the arrival of my destination to my arrival back home.

One of the highlights being, on my way home, I took the liberty of stopping in at a friend's house who I hadn't seen since I was at least 14 or 15 , and her 15 or 16 years old.  We reconnected through Facebook about a year ago.  After finding the right house I made myself to the door, and by the look of Leona's face, I am sure I did "surprise" her ! 

LOL.....we had such a great visit together.  I can't believe how many different subjects we covered in the time I was there....from childhood friends, to children, jobs, places we have lived. to grandchildren....and on and on and on. 

Leona and I only live about an hour from each other, so hopefully we can stay directly in touch now, and not just through Facebook.  I was just thrilled we could just sit and chat with each other so naturally after thirty-eight years or so has passed.  It just validates my belief that people do cross through each other's lives for a reason, even though we might not see it at the time.  Another of life's most amazing mysteries I am sure.

Here as I sit "yawning", I am thinking, "am I not to be rested after my mini vacation?"  Of course not as reality has set back in, and there is laundry to do, dishes needing washed, family needing attended to.....on and on and on.  LOL 

"Reality Check", here back home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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