Monday, 6 June 2011

Cobwebs Upon Cobwebs Blocking The Blog Flow.

I am totally feeling there is cobwebs in my head this morning, trying to block all thoughts from flowing out of my brain.  It is times like these I call either 'brain fog' or a 'zombie state of mind'.

I sometimes really think the cobwebs are caused by Mr. Insomnia arriving just around midnight drawing me back into his web.  *Sigh*  I need to get the caffeine flowing throughout the brain cells to kick start the process of awareness.

After all the rain we had Saturday, the grass had been going on a growing spree.  Yesterday, Rob spent most of the afternoon yesterday cutting the lawn and trimming, while I tried to get a few new perennials planted in a couple of our flower beds.  Since I was gone for a few days, I also spent a little extra one on one time with Bandit, Lexus and the "One & Only" puppy that is left.

Rob dug up a new plot of dirt in this corner so we could make another flower bed.

I was certainly glad of the plants my sister, Donna, and cousin, Paula, shared with me that are going to work out just wonderful in this new garden:

 Since the "One & Only" puppy doesn't know what boundaries are yet, I had to make a purchase on the weekend to help save the new herb garden I had started.

These little fences for a total cost of $4.00, will save me a lot of grief trying to pull a blundering puppy from this area; or for that matter Bandit & Lexus when they are playing have no idea what they are tromping on either.

Our cousins, Paula & Brad are up at their cottage, for the week.  Since the weather is suppose to be nice for a couple of days, she apparently has been doing some gardening herself.

I dug out some perinnials to share with Paula for her gardens as well.  This sharing between friends and family can certainly save us all a considerable amount of money when one starts adding up the cost of perinnials.

There are many times it has been necessary to move a plant from where it was originally planted, either because of weather exposure, light, or being drowned out by another plant.

This Lady Slipper was being lost in amongst some other plants, and not being able to shine as she should, so I had moved her out to front and center.

I picked up a couple new recipe books, at a garage sale on my way back home Saturday, to add to my collection.

I am such a fan of Kraft and Canadian Living recipes, since they have recipes for the everyday  person, like myself.  I was pleased I came upon these recipe books.

I am sure there are a few new recipes in these books I will be able to add to my "Recipe Diary" and try out on Rob.

Actually I should share a week from my weekly diary, "The Blonde Cookbook":


It's fun to cook for Rob. Today I made angel food cake. The recipe said beat 12 eggs separately. The neighbours were nice enough to loan me some extra bowls.
Rob wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said serve without dressing. So I didn't dress. What a surprise when Rob brought a friend home for supper


A good day for rice. The recipe said wash thoroughly before steaming the rice. It seemed kind of silly but I took a bath anyway.. I can't say it improved the rice any.


Today Rob asked for salad again I tried a new recipe. It said prepare ingredients; lay on a bed of lettuce one hour before serving. Rob asked me why I was rolling around in the garden..


I found an easy recipe for cookies. It said put the ingredients in a bowl and beat it. There must have been something wrong with this recipe. When I got back, everything was the same as when I left.


Rob did the shopping today and brought home a chicken. He asked me to dress it for Sunday. I don't have any clothes that fit it, and for some reason Rob keeps counting to ten.


Robs folks came to dinner. I wanted to serve roast but all I had was hamburger. Suddenly I had a flash of genius.. I put the hamburger in the oven and set the controls for roast. It still came out hamburger, much to my disappointment.

GOOD NIGHT DEAR DIARY. This has been a very exciting week! I am eager for tomorrow to come so I can try out a new recipe on Rob. If I can talk Rob into buying a bigger oven, I would like to surprise him with a chocolate moose.

Should anyone need any of these recipes and/or methods for themselves, please feel free to contact me by email.......LOL !!!!

Okay now, onto to what the Wiarton Airport has planned for today's weather in Bruce County:


Sunny. Fog patches dissipating early this morning. High 25. UV index 8 or very high


Increasing cloudiness. Low 16.

I definitely realize should I be outside today, sunscreen will be the order of the day by the looks of this forecast, and far be it for me to complain, as it isn't snow !!!!

Since the weather has been getting warmer, Lexus and Bandit have started shedding, despite the daily brushing and combing, so I have a basement that needs much attending to today.

No rest for the "wicked" or the "lousy", so once again, here I go off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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