Sunday, 13 March 2011

Routine A Little Off This Morning.....

Wow, made to Daylight savings time & forgot to turn ahead all our clocks last night, so there is a 'big' morning chore to start my day with....ummmm, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 clocks to change.  Could be six but I don't wind the old Kitchen Clock everyday anymore.  I suppose the novelty of that has worn off somewhat, but I do remember to wind the Grandfather's clock every couple days thank goodness.  Oops almost forgot my wrist watch & the clock in our car !  Wow I could have been really confused driving somewhere with the wrong time under my nose (not like that hasn't happened before).

I best get on with the day now I have that off my chest !  Aiden is like his me, and his father, Paul, who also took after me, as we are all early risers.  Do not know where the saying, "the Early Bird catches the worm" came from, but let me tell you I haven't caught any worm by rising early; in the past we have always dug up our worms the night before fishing (or bought them in the more recent years).  Ha, ha, ha....

Now that we have Aiden with us I can not tell you how much joy he brings into my & Poppa's life.  He is just full of energy & sure likes talking up a storm (once again like myself & his father, lol).  He does remind me so much like his father from the day he was born.  Once we arrived to pick him up, it was "let's go" !!!  He was anxious to get to our place, as him & Poppa have a "huge" Wii Mariokart competition going with each other (I am thinking Rob is putting his own 6 year old memory bank state mind to rest, and letting Aiden win most of the games).  It is quite amusing listening to the two of them.

It is not all video games in this household, in-between Mariokart games, yesterday, there was a puzzle put together, and a very lengthy discussion over the cooked veggies in the homemade soup I served up for our supper.  Aiden is quite the veggie kid, taking a vegetable or fruit over a hotdog or hamburger anyday.  I never realized, until Aiden so candidly pointed out to us, that celery had a whole different flavor once cooked !  And cooked mushrooms?  How good are they?  LOL.  It will be, if nothing else, a very entertaining week ahead for us.

Today we are using up those (almost black) overripe bananas on the kitchen countertop to make some muffins.  Upon asking Aiden if he could help me put the chocolate icing on them after they are cooked, he informed me that he was very strong and could do that job, as he has been using Daddy's excersise stuff.  LOL.  I have been looking forward to this visit for quite some time, so I know we won't be disappointed one iota !

For those of you that live in Bruce County, I am sure you noticed we got a dump of snow once again last night, so let's see what Wiarton Airport has to say about the day ahead:


Flurries ending this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of flurries. High minus 2.


Cloudy. 40 percent chance of flurries this evening. Clearing before morning. Low minus 13.

The snow is heavy & easy to pack, so maybe at some point today we will be able to still get a snowman made.

My Mother's dog, Zoey, who is a 10 year Toy Poodle, weighing maybe 5 lbs soaking wet, if that,  looked at me when I went to let her out last night as if to say, "lovely weather we are having today, so what the hell lady I am not going out in that" !  I suppose since I do weigh more then 5 lbs, I won that battle.

I am a huge fan of American Idol when it airs once a year.  Both Rob & I have followed it from it's first show, and have always been disappointed if we have missed a night of watching.  Chris Medina was one of the contestants on American Idol, who is living a very dedicated life to his finance' Julianne.  For those who do not watch American Idol, or have seen his video posted on Facebook, I would like to share it as it has touched me very deeply....

An amazing love, and truly an example of how we should lead our lives.  Should the outcome of Chris's love  and dedication towards Julianne give him the opportunity of success in the music industry, I will surely be one to follow his career.  Truly appreciate that I was able to witness the love he displays when he first sang this song on American Idol.

There seems to be some viral thing going around (again), as Rob has very swollen glands and sore throat.  These are the same symptons my Aunt Gladys has had on & off for the past couple of months.  I would recommend constant gargling with salted water throughout the day, as well as tea, honey & lemon.  Proven relief.  Last evening, my brother, Allan, also told me that swishing (not swallowing) perioxide around in your mouth, not forgetting to spit it right back out, would help with any infections going on in there.  Worth a try, but not sure if Rob did or not last night, since I was sleeping when he got home from work.

Excersies to be done, dogs to be let out, snowmen to be made, video games to be played, puzzles to be put together, on & on & on.  Busy day ahead here North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard, so I should really think about getting dressed and getting on with it!  I just love it as I never seen any "housework" mentioned in that list of activities !  YEAH ........!!!!

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